I love being right. Mind you, I mask it well because I’m generally a very kind person. But wow, there is this crazy ego high from feeling right. It’s like a victory. I get pumped up a bit higher and even think I feel more peaceful for a bit. The problem is, of course, that if I am right then someone else must be wrong. If this weren’t true then what would be the payoff? This is, after all, the nature of duality. If there is good, there is bad. If there is sane, there is insane.

The back and forth is exhausting: mentally, emotionally, spiritually.

I avoid conflict like the plague. Why can’t we all just get along? Yeah, well, we can’t, Danielle. We just can’t. I am still, at 35 years old, navigating this. When to stand up for myself, when to keep quiet, when to let go. Here’s what I’m learning: my inner world is the root of it all. My thoughts and feelings dictate my experience and the cool thing is that I have this Divine place within that I can always go to. We all do.

And I have to. I have to go to that place because I’m just not wise enough to go this alone. I have to choose God instead of fear because I’ve seen enough of suffering. God knows no opposite. God is that perfect peace.

I make a lot of mistakes just like everyone else, but one thing I recognize about myself is my ability to feel compassion. It’s a muscle I’ve worked and has become as easy as breathing. Don’t get me wrong, I still get upset. I still want to point fingers, but it’s short-lived. That Divine space within is broader and simpler to find. I dip back into it and I see: this person, my brother, is in pain…this person, my sister, is calling out for Love.

So even with these struggles of wanting to be right and wishing to avoid conflict (which has become the silliest dance, by the way. Goodness gracious.) I am rooted in Love. We all are. And as I am willing to remember my True Nature, I make room for you to do the same. We are in this together. Those fingers we’re using to point would do well to relax, to come together, to steeple in prayer. A prayer to forgive. A prayer to let go. A prayer to live and let live. A prayer to remember.


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