Let’s have a little heart-to-heart, you and I.  Let’s talk about who you are…who you really are.

You hear it over and over: that you are love, pure and simple. But do you believe it? Do you believe that you are one with the One? Can you embrace the idea that you are perfect, unsullied Spirit?

It’s not easy. There is a dark side that bubbles up like a cauldron of shame every now and then. It is relentless in its threats to overflow and burn all in its wake. It is insistent on dragging us down.

But what if that were a lie?

What if that cauldron were merely a tiny thimble? And what if that thimble did not even exist? We could gather up what is left and step into our Truth.  We could.

And so even though it hurts…even though it’s scary, we can look at the darkness. We can feel the guilt, the anger, the fear.  We can bring it all to the loving Light that is who we really are and look at it there for a while.

And we can smile.  Smile it all away.  Not deny, not pretend…just change our minds a little and laugh.  Just breathe more slowly and purposefully.

Because who we are isn’t serious.  Who we are is not heavy.  We are lightweights in mind and in Truth.  We are the Love that extended Itself to create us.

We are Light. And by letting go, we float. We fly because there is nothing to hold us down.

We are Light.

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