When all you have is a photograph, can the pain be contained in the frame? Does it live beneath the glass? Or does it pervade your veins like poison? Does it rip through you until you become it? Slowly, slowly…

Slip down…down into darkness.

They say that dark is merely the absence of light, but when you don’t have a match…when your eyes are shut tight to avoid the hurt, the light is forgotten. It becomes a distant memory so far out of reach you begin to question: did I imagine it? Cannot move. Cannot budge…

Sit…sit tight…tight in the darkness.

When all you have is a photograph, can you put yourself back in the image? That light-sensitive paper holds her. Can you hold her again as you did? And would she smile? Would she giggle like she always did? Don’t know. Don’t know…

Alone. Alone and out of touch.

They say: This too shall pass. But when you can’t leave the misery of the moment…when you cannot accept the reality, it seems as though the pain will never, ever end. Forever. It will feel like this forever…

But reach…reach out.

I know somewhat of despair, of grief, of hurt. I am, after all, wandering this earth as a human. The highs and lows bind us. We love to ‘insta’ the highs, but bury the lows. It’s understandable, of course: Promote the positive. Shine the light.

But we are all of it here. We can learn from all of it. And while we don’t need to broadcast our sadness, we do need to reach out. Out and up.

Because there is someone who has been where you are. Let her tell you her story. Listen. Listen as each word resonates in your belly, a low gutteral bellow for kindness and understanding. She holds it in her voice.

And then go within.

For some the dark is thick. It takes as long as it takes to wade through. There are no magic words to snap out of this, no mystery potion to wake us. To you I say: “How can I help you? How can I ease your suffering today?”.

We are in this together. No need to hide. I want to help. Even if that means shared silence. Even if that means nothing at all.

Come out of the frame…when you’re ready.

When you’re ready.

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