For a minute there, I got lost…

I trust so easily sometimes. I slip and slide into that which I do not want and it’s days gone by before I realize I am somewhere else, somewhere I never desired to be.

I open up without a care. I invite those from hither and yon into my yard before I finally see the crowd has grown too large and I have no more to give.

For a minute there, I lost my way…

There used to be a gatekeeper between my brow and my crown. Where has she flown off to? I used to keep a compassionate distance between my heart and theirs. It narrowed until it disappeared.

And now I’m here in the midst of a life I do not care to live.

But I will let it go.

Because the distance is imagined just as all boundaries are. And the only thing I require is kindness. Kindness to direct me, connect and protect me.

So when I get lost I ask, “What is the kindest thing to do here?”

And then I can trust. I can open up. Kindness is my gatekeeper and my reminder that I am enough, exactly as I am.

Here and now. Just as I am: The whole, the we, the everafter.

No separation, no suffering, no shit.

<deep breath>

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