“We’re all just walking each other home.” ~Ram Dass

Our common thread is our light, the light of God.  The connection between us is overwhelmingly palpable at times, and yet at others it is painfully out of reach.  The yearning to be loved, to be noticed, to be understood is so human and yet so far from who we really are.  Spirit is.  It just is.  But that just seems too simple.  We keep believing happiness must be much more complicated than that.

And so we judge.  We compare, make fun and accuse.  We, forgetting our unity, try to “get ahead” to prove our worthiness.  We try to win points with God while He’s decided long ago we are equal.  We are so blind, so unaware, so asleep.

It takes courage to wake up.  And it takes compassion to remember we all wake up in our own ways.  What would bring me to my knees may be merely a bad day for you.  And what would fill you up to your most joyous full could simply make me smile.  Such is the nature of this world.  A swirling swamp of highs and lows designed to keep us busy.  But it can carry us home too…

You are the dreamer.  You are the decider.  By giving each hurt, each high, each sweetheart and each nasty guy over to the Light you awaken.  We are teachers and we are students.  We learn from one another.  We huddle together in a loving embrace keen on being reminded.  We are all simply walking each other home.

Take my hand.

And I’ll take yours.

I am ready.

Walk me home.

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