I’m rolling through the rough stuff, carrying habits in my hair.  Which one will I reach for?  The food?  The tantrum? The runaway?

Maybe this time, the Light.

I don’t want to to look, have trouble letting go.  And patiently the Light just waits.  It knows me, sees me, pulls me close and whispers: “You’re ok.” I need that.  I need to be told I’m ok.  Because I don’t always feel it.

But this time, the Light.

And I can remember my safety.  I don’t have to look for it in my husband today, or my home, or my parents.  I can feel it as my birthright…that as an extension of Love I am forever cared for, forever cherished.

And I will question it.  I will doubt, maybe panic.  I may let the thought of unworthiness cloak me in black and pull me under.

But for now, this time…the Light.

Diving into it, becoming it, sharing it.  I choose this for now.

For now, I choose the Light.

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