So it’s Valentine’s Day and there will be a whole whack of people telling you that you should, at all costs, learn to love yourself first. Well folks, I agree. And I’m workin’ on it.

I was giving a reading to a client the other day and a particular message that came through was for her but it was also for me.

“Move your body, but do what you like.”

Hm. Do what I like? So that would exclude signing up for a gym membership and having to sit through a 22 yr old massage therapy student weighing me and trying to apathetically sell me personal training sessions? Yeah, I guess it would.

I love walking. I love stretching. I love Nia.

And I love to dance. I dance like a crazed Justin Bieber fan to songs like the one posted above. I do it in my bedroom. I get sweaty, flushed and…happy. And lately I’ve been taking my inner guide with me…no judging how I look while I shake my booty, no self-righteous chatter like “at least I’m not sitting on the couch”. It’s dance for the pure enjoyment of dance.

And it embarrasses the heck out of my 7 yr old daughter.

Sorry, Noelley. This is how your Mama moves 😉

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