Oh my but they are so near!  All those who we claim to have lost are so close it would be hard to see where they end and we begin.  We know they are not bodies.  The bodies have gone, and yet the memory of who they are remains painfully fresh.  Who they are fills a room, transcends walls and reaches the sky.  They are all around us.

But I can’t see you.  I can’t hold you.  And God help me, I want to.

Of course. This is where faith comes in.  This where the quiet mind must be called forth and trust must settle in.  Listen.  Breathe. Feel.  They are so near.  They see you, they whisper and they touch.  It is not frightening; it is compassionate and kind.  They reach for you and long for you to know that all is well.

I want to believe that.

A song you hear hummed, a chime at the right time, someone speaking the words they used to say.  That’s how you know.  If you can move through grief for but a moment and see.  That is how you will know.

But I’m so mad!  You left me and it hurts.

And that’s ok.  They’re waiting.  Until you’re ready, until you feel safe, they wait.  They say time heals all wounds.  Let’s add willingness.  A willingness to heal, hear and be is all that’s needed.  You will see.

I’m not ready.

And that, you have to know, is ok.

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