Today I celebrate 6 years abstinence from bulimia.

Surprisingly, this past year was one of the toughest.

Anyone who has struggled with healing an eating disorder or addiction may know what I’m talking about, but I can only speak from my own experience.

I did not expect to have binge thoughts creep back in.

I did not expect to get triggered by other people’s obsession with weight loss/diet plans.

I did not expect to have to turn to my old recovery tools over and over again.

I did not expect to have to reach out for help.

But I did.

Truly, what this past year has shown me is I AM recovered.

I know how to handle myself.

I know how to create boundaries and keep them.

I know how to be gentle with myself when the craziness crops up.

And most importantly…I know how to ask for AND accept help.

I am forever a work in progress- forever healing, forever learning.

And I am always overjoyed to carry the message:

Recovery is possible. ?❤️

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