I’m on the verge of a change so big, I sometimes find myself waking up hoping it’s all just a nightmare….a dream within the dream. My life looks so different from what I thought it would. Sadness creeps so quietly and like a thief in the night, catches me completely unawares.

And all I can do is let it wash over me. Avoiding it gives it power. Fearing the hurt makes it hurt more. So I sit with it. I feel it all and let it out. I give it away. I ask to see it differently.

Willingness was the first step, surrender the second and now I have dropped softly into grief. And relief.

I have no idea what the future holds, but I am determined that peace be my goal. I’ve tasted the toil and have no desire to go back there. I have context, experience. I’ve been shown that a life surrendered moves smoothly. And when my life doesn’t flow, it’s time to let go.

One day at a time. Focus on the love. One day at a time. Surrender every fear. One day at a time. Accept the offered miracle.

One day at a time.

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