“The secret of true prayer is to forget the things you think you need.” ~A Course in Miracles

There is nothing for me to do. Not a thing. There’s no justifiable reason for sadness, nor anger, nor fear. There is simply compassion.

It’s just that right now it sits beneath a layer of confusion.

My heart is bursting with understanding and a wish that things were different. It’s the wishing that causes the confusion.

For how can anything be different than what it is right now in this moment? How can the hearts of others not honour all that lies within each beat? All the frustration, all the feelings I will never comprehend. No, the heart is true and everything is unfolding with painful perfection.

So all I can do is love with patience. All I can do is hold space for innocence. All I can do is support.

But then, that’s everything isn’t it? Mind my business. Offer kindness. Sit in peaceful pause and love the heck out of everything that is happening…even with my wishes…even with my sadness. I can notice all of that and then simply move back into the love. I can pray and let go- pray and let go.

“Prayer is a stepping aside; a letting go, a quiet time of listening and loving.” ~A Course in Miracles

And so I will. To my children, you are always in my prayers. You are loved everywhere you look. This I know for sure. You are loved and treasured and honoured exactly as you are: Perfect.

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