this crater of longing is endless; it’s madness.

I look to you to fill it.

be sane for me, be peace, be love.

I look to you to complement me.

be my other half, my saviour, my light.

because this pit in my stomach is aching; it’s taking

me down.

and I want you to heal me.

be perfect, be soft and then hard;

it’s madness

but i watch myself put all my happiness in your hands.

i wait for you to cross that line in the sand.

it’s a set-up, a mash-up, a lose-lose situation.

because that crater is endless if I look to you.

I want answers.

and the answers lie in soulspeak and stardust.

they lie in poetry and paintings.

in music and in musings.

they lie in a connection so deep and quick that I have to say:

the answers lie within me.

and I am not this aching, this sadness, this pain.

I am the soul and the words, the light and the sound, the sigh and the bliss.

I am the full circle: complete.

and I write to remember.

I write to let you go.

I write to love you as you deserve: freely.

standing firm in the light, I see you and I see me.

I see us

for the very first time:

sane, saved, healed, whole,



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