Over and over again I see…who could there be but me?  Who else could change my life, my way of being, of seeing?  How could I look to someone else to do that for me? No, no…it is me and that is both daunting and empowering.  I feel unprepared and deliciously excited all at the same time! There is much for me to do and yet there is nothing.  There are many possibilities and yet there is only one.

Because even though I stand at the wheel, there is a divine & loving force that steers.  I am a vehicle for love.  I am here to remember who I am.  And as I move through this life I happen upon people, situations and places that hold promise.  They have the potential to widen my eyes and expand my heart if I let them.  My life, it seems, is my classroom.

Never to be denied nor swept aside, there are feelings and emotions that will surface along the way.  My reactions adjust according to my willingness to surrender them.  I ask for help from my divine guide.  How can I see this with Love?  Remind me I have nothing to fear.

And I have nothing to fear.  I am bounced on the knee of Love.  And though I feel the bumps and the dips, I squeal with delight!  I am safe.  Ride it out, hands up in surrender and know…I am on my way home.

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