Last night it was incessant….the noise in my head- the rumblings of what I imagine other people think of me. And only I can shut that out. Only I can take that long, lost breath and choose again.

Again. It’s getting better. The conversations that used to tighten me up and set my mind racing are being met with calm, open ears and soft, gentle words. I can listen and love you at the same time.

We are in this together. And together we cannot fail. We will carry one another over the threshold of fear. We believe we are here, but we’ll remember that we’re there. It is done already.

We’re there. And we are loved. I need you to be yourself, to show me how it’s done…what it looks like and how it sounds. I want the whispers of honesty and the serenity of a heart at peace. Show me and I’ll show you. That’s how we’ll remember again.

Again. And when the noise begins to build, I won’t be fooled. It’s meaningless chatter dressed up like guilt and shame. We all see what we want to see until we know the truth. And the truth is we can choose again.

Our minds are still split. The ego is at the ready with a backlash, BUT we can see it for what it is.

We are so heavily supported. All is not as it appears. We can use every bit of pain of suffering as a device for learning <3


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