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To love is to let be. It is an unending extension of truth that once felt is never forgotten. It is home. I see it in you and you see it in me.

And when I feel scared or threatened it is because I am holding on to something else. Something that may have all the looks of love but is another thing entirely. It is conditional, but that’s not even true. In truth, it is nothing.

And there is nothing to be afraid of. What I think I see before me is a sea of chaos and fruitless quests for control. This life is a palm filled with sand running through our fingers. It’s always slipping away.

But love runs through it all. It is quiet and consistent. It is full and asks nothing. We can be it, choose it, feel it anytime we want. It is us.

And there will come a day when I will let go completely. I will cease to hang on, to control, to judge or to pretend. That is the day that is always at hand. That is the day I embrace.

Forgiveness is slow and yet perfect. I am exactly where I am supposed to be. I can stop the fighting. I can choose acceptance.

All is well.

Love is love. And so am I.

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