A friend of mine is famous. There’s really no way for me to express that without sounding like a douchebag. Whatever. She is. She is famous in an industry that is saturated with false promises and sweeping generalizations. I have other wonderful friends in this industry. I have acquaintances in it as well.

Often, as soon as these acquaintances find out I know this woman, something like jealousy passes over their eyes. Not jealousy of me, of course, but of her. And then the question comes: “Is she what she posts she is?”. Meaning: is she the real deal? does she practice what she preaches?

I always have to breathe deep on this one. I get protective. First, I want to ask: why do you care? Her message either resonates with you or it doesn’t. Secondly, I want to assure them that she’s not enlightened (none of us are and that’s OK), but she IS super successful and a kick-ass businesswoman, That is what is most easily seen and envied.

God bless us, we are all so insecure.

We think we know what goes on with others, but we don’t. And all we are ever doing is projecting our own guilt, shame and judgment. I am learning this and it is so damn hard.

Here is what I actually tell them:

“She is as she posts,” I say. “She is a genuine person. Her presence exudes kindness. She works hard, crazy-hard. She honestly wants to bring more peace to the world, through her own life and through the lives of others. She has the bravery to share her journey with honesty and we all benefit from that.”

They’ll believe what they will because it’s not about her anyway. It’s about them.

This world is full of yuckiness. The only way I can see getting through it is to deal with our own shit instead of focusing on others. I battle with this all the time. Blame seems better. And then it feels awful. We all have to go within.

May we rise above the littleness. May we hold each other close. May we care less about what people post and more about how we feel inside. Those feelings aren’t going anywhere, whether directed at yourself or someone else, their true home is in the hands of Spirit.

Let go.


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