My vulnerability makes me seem weak, I think-

Makes me seem needy, perhaps.

But all it is is honesty.

All it is is truth.

Because baby I used to lie like a rug in fear’s basement.

I would insist, defend and gaslight myself into dusty corners.

It was a shield for a girl who didn’t trust the world-

Armour for the one who felt she’d never win.

I don’t want to anymore.

No, I want the sweet, raw beauty of abandon.

I want the gentle ease of defenselessness.

And though I slip often into drama,

I know it is not who I am.

And I don’t think I need God the way I thought I did,

Because need implies lack.

I lack nothing.

I am a Queen by right,

Love: my inheritance.

This being: only light.

So when I reach out to you in earnest,

It’s simply me getting closer to Who I Am.

Because I’ve been avoiding her for decades,

And I don’t want to anymore.



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