This is my lifelong lesson: the only one I can truly fix is me. And even that’s not the whole story.

There is this pit in my stomach, like a void, where God is and yet I don’t acknowledge. I choose to see a void instead. I choose to be fearful. I forget to laugh. I forget to embrace the Love that I come from. And then…

I see this void in others. I see it everyone who crosses my path. Instead of Love and sisterhood, I see people who lack- people who need help and to be fixed.

This is how I distract myself from deepening my relationship to God and the Holy Spirit- I find poor, unfortunate souls who, if they only did x, y and z, would be so much happier! Ugh.

Last month, Susan Dugan and I sat down to discuss Accepting the Atonement for Ourselves. It’s a good one- though I do wish I’d run a goddamn brush through my hair…



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