Have you ever seen a heart exposed, ribs spread, beating in a nest of red? It’s messy, complicated and yet, it works. There’s all this blood, all these veins and arteries. It’s perfection within a cardiac cage of tissue and bone. Your heart beats for you day and night. It keeps you going. It holds so much more than flesh and fluid. It holds the essence of you- it’s an inborn truthteller, a wayshower, a sherpa of the soul.

And it needs your attention.

There’s more than one way to be in this world. Your heart is always telling you what is right for you. You may be shy, uncomfortable or uneasy with what it says. You may want to shut it out- don’t. This world is fickle, dark and shrill. There are glimpses of beauty and light, glimpses to a better way. Your heart will show you these, if you listen. It will guide you down the path of least resistance, of truth. It will teach you to relax into the masterpiece you are until you are ready to let go of anything less.

And it’s alright.

Love is waiting for you at the end of every road. You’ll get there every time. But in the meantime, there is a soft, velvety rope pulling you through- if you’ll grab it. There is a trail of breadcrumbs leading back to the Peace that bore you. Your heart is these. It waits as it beats. It flutters when it hears the truth and sinks when it knows better.

And it knows better.

You take care of your heart by deigning to silence the world long enough to listen. You give thanks by taking action based on its song. And I promise it won’t be long. You’ll feel the difference. You won’t want to go back to what was. You’ll want to fall deeper and deeper into the messy perfection of this life. That’s why it’s there.

So take care.

Be patient with the mess. Be you. Follow the path. Listen.


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