I like how compassion feels.  I love the light within and around it.  I love the promise it holds…the unity that is implied.

If compassion could speak, what would it say?  Perhaps it would stay quiet.  Yes, I think it would.  Compassion would silently smile and nod with arms wide open and light pouring from its breast.  I like that image.

I feel that today.  It would be wonderful if that feeling could last forever.  When I feel this way, I feel true to form.  It feels authentic and not at all presumptuous.  My ego would have me think otherwise.  It would have me recall all the times I’ve judged, attacked and screamed to get my way.  I won’t think about that now though…that will be forgiven and released.  For now  I’ll focus on the light with the silent smile…

And all who cross my path and my mind today are blessed.  It is automatic!  I feel their energy and caress it with my own.  May you feel peace today.  May you forgive.  May you wrap yourself in love’s blanket.

What’s wonderful about this feeling is that now that I have felt it, I have a memory of it.  I can recall this any time.  So the next time self-pity comes calling, I can remember a time I felt peace, love and joyous compassion.  It was not a dream.  It is my truth.  It is our truth.

Amen to that ♥

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