Between waves, between shores.

We have been crushed.

Bordering two thoughts:

One a pull-under into dark and frightening waters,

The other a graceful release to the Light.

Created in a faceless void of longing, we wade.

Yet it’s all a dream, a nightmare…

A crushing silliness we forget to laugh at,

A comedy of errors in perception.

And it’s OK that it feels real.

It’s OK to see myself hanging on and then to gradually let go.

I’m unlearning. That’s my learning.

I’m crushed, but I am saved.

I’m lost, but truly I am Home.

And as I cradle my babies,

As I dance with my love,

As I write,

As I long for Peace…

It’s all OK.

Between the waves and the shores

God cradles me;

God dances with me;

God writes my name:

And it may be blank, but the whisper is this:

“She who no longer longs. She who never did.”

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