Breaking through and touching down-
It’s a process.
We want to rush things. We want to be better now and we can’t love ourselves until we are.
It’s backwards, but it’s OK.
It’s OK to need others. It’s OK to change your mind. It’s OK to see things differently than you did before.
And it’s OK to love yourself just as you are even if there are things you wish were different.
Not everyone will see it. Not everyone will understand. In the end, we all see what we want to see.
We put our faith in things outside of us and crumble inward when they falter.
It’s hard to be present with others when we do this. It’s hard to have clarity.
But this is your breakthrough. This is your touchdown.
And it’s a process.
The fire within you has been stoked and it will take time to rise, time to spread.
Keep going- in spite of the wind.
Keep going- in spite of the rain.
But you know.
You are down and through.
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