Gorgeous girls laughing, lighting up the muted afternoon. Dirt, water, buckets and warm air. And I am at peace.

Our house is almost always filled with children: different ages, different needs, different temperaments. Rough and kind-hearted kids. Emotional and imaginative kids. They’re each a mix, being just themselves. And love is our anchor. We always come back to love.

Gorgeous boys giggling, tearing up everything in their wake. Cars, grass, mud and determination. And I am at peace.

The yard is their playground, the house their territory. Learning to share, to compromise, to accept one another. They’re calm and then they’re wild: telling silly jokes, getting upset, making up. And love is our anchor. We always come back to love.

I used to question myself all the time. I didn’t think I was good at this- taking care of others, letting kids be kids. Thought I was too selfish, too rigid, too worried. I was wrong. I was built for family: the noise of it, the mess of it, the joy of it, the “this too shall pass” of it.

Sometimes it’s in the starting over that we see the truth of ourselves…our resiliency, our capacity for kindness, our ability to come alive again, to choose to be happy. Life is always pushing us to wake up and see our beauty. It’s always wanting us to embrace each other.

Change isn’t easy. We feel like we’re dropping into a wind that carries us to places unknown and we want our safety back- we want what we knew. But the wind knows better. It would never let us fall.

Family: no matter the blood ties, no matter the size, we are in this together. We carry one another through each twist and turn- brothers and sisters in arms. And love is our anchor.


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