Three things I know about pain:

1) It’s a call for healing.

2) It’s a call for change

3) You cannot compare yours to someone else’s.

Three things I’ve tried to do about my pain:

1) Ignore it

2) Wallow in it

3) Compare it

Everything that has brought suffering in my life has been, ultimately, good.  I have planted roots with it, reached out and up, scaled new horizons of who I am.  In short, I have grown.

Pain is being pushed into and through the uncomfortable, as yet uncharted waters.  But we are meant to keep going.  We are meant feel it, cloak ourselves in it, keep moving and then emerge anew.  A new you.  Complete with wisdom and humility.  Lessons learned.

But melancholy can get addictive my friends.  We hate feeling the way we do, but at the same time hold fears of feeling better.  Sadness has become the new normal.  What if what lies beyond this is worse somehow?  Mediocre in comparison to my suffering?

Keep breathing.  Keep going.  Keep trusting.

Stay focused on what your lessons are, what you are meant to heal.  Let others do the same.  Be the carrier of compassion, not the whiner who one-ups.

And you will see the light.  You will see it and know it for what it is:  The glow that guided you home.

Because that’s what we do: glimpse the truth until we’re ready to stay.  Round and round we go until we’re ready to stay.

But in the meantime…

Ain’t no victims ’round here.

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