I’m ok, you know?  Well maybe you knew that all along.  Maybe, if you know me, you think: “That Danielle, she’s ok.”  I have to admit however, that most of the time, me being ‘ok’ is news to me.  Sure, intellectually I know I’m ok, but so often I have to remind myself to speak, think and act from a place of being whole, loved and yes, OK.  I check in with the sane part of my mind for reassurance that I am well….always have been, always will be.

When I look outside of myself, I see things are jumbled, messy and not exactly how I want them to be.  When I look within though, I remember the choice is mine:  “I could see peace instead of this”*.  And that’s when I remember what I really want.

I want Peace.  I want inner peace.

And though there is an incessant chatter in my mind telling to lose weight, whiten my teeth, get published, get more likes on my Facebook page, market more, market better…blah, blah, blah etc., the sane part of my mind whispers: Peace.

“My body is a wholly neutral thing.”** Yes. When I believe this, I am at peace.  When I hear others tell me to love my body, I am not.  And yet peace is what I want.  So while I don’t have to hate my body, I don’t have to love it either.  It is neutral.  It is not who I am.

<deep breath> This body thing is one giant distraction because that is what I make it.

I am getting there.  I give the insane over to the sane…the fear over to love.  It is gentle.  It is enlightening.  It is peaceful.  And it helps me remember that the reason I want Peace is because Peace is what I am. I can see that when I choose to…be that when I decide for it.  Peace is who we are and thank God for that. ♥

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*A Course in Miracles W34

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