What’s so overwhelming about something as simple as boys and girls?  I move throughout my day with children at my feet and face all I faced the day before.  So what’s so overwhelming today?  It’s the look…the look on her face asking for more than I feel I can give.  Asking for more…

And when I feel empty, depleted and not enough: the search begins.  Who will love me today?  Who will show me I can do this?  Who will tell me I’ve made their day, that they just couldn’t have done it without me?   I use praise like fuel to keep going, to keep giving.  Where did my power go?  Where did I lend it out this time?

And I want to pray to bring it back.  I can’t stand being needy!  I just loathe waiting in the wings.  And my prayer hangs out the window, floating back and forth.  It’s picked up by a compassionate wind and lands on my lap.  It lands where it will be answered.

The light goes on and the loving voice speaks…

Each time you look outside of yourself for strength you are on a hunt for Fool’s Gold.

Damn.  It was here the whole time.  The power I am silly enough to toss away and then beckon back is here.  It’s in me.   And then somehow, something as simple as boys and girls becomes just that…simple.

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