Nope, it’s not booze.

This tip you already know.  It’s a dusty old notion sitting in the back  cupboard of your own inner wisdom.  I heard it at a 12-step meeting and was like: “Oh right!”

So what is it?  Here goes…

Let people be who they are.

Simple right? Easy?….not so much.

Aunt Sadie drinks too much egg nog.  Let her.  Who the hell knows what kind of stuff she has to deal with?!  Just make sure she doesn’t drive home and let the woman be who she is.

Little Georgie is ungrateful and keeps asking where the next present is.  I’m all for good manners, but let’s face it: Christmas messes with a kid’s head!  They’re conditioned to be excited about it all year round and then POOF! It’s over.  Love the kid through it.  Have compassion.

Uncle Tom is a Scrooge. Lots of people hate Christmas and have no problems telling you about the commercialism, how no one thinks of the “reason for the season” anymore etc.  Let them complain.  Send love and compassion as you nod and smile.  It takes a lot of energy to be miserable.  And we’ve all complained like that about something in our lives.  Let Tom be Tom.

Cousin Fred is a cheap bastard.  Oh well!  Buy people what you want to buy them and let them buy you what they want to.  And here’s a newsflash: cheap people are scared shitless.  Scared of not having enough, giving too much away, seeing you have more than they do etc.  We’re all scared.  It just shows up differently for everyone.  Accept your dollar-store box of chocolates with a “Thank-you”.  Let’s not judge.  Just let go.

Let people be who they are.

Here’s a question to ask to help you tap into that blessed inner wisdom: What is the loving thing to do in this situation? The answer will vary.  Sometimes it will be to kindly ask your beligerent neighbour to leave and sometimes it will be to physically remove him!  This is not about being a doormat.  This is about withholding judgement, offering compassion and having common sense.  This is about peace of mind.

When you’re not judging, you’re accepting.  When you’re accepting, you are allowing everything to flow as it should.

Let people be who they are.  And that includes yourself.  Be gentle.  Forgive.  And enjoy your holiday season.

All the best in 2012.


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