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Danielle is a writer, intuitive and a student of A Course in Miracles who shares her journey with honesty, love and the intention to heal. She lives just outside of Toronto, Ontario, Canada with her two children.

1coverDanielle’s first novel, Without Fear of Falling, was published on April 26, 2013 by Soul Rocks Books.

The Book...

Twenty-two-year-old Ellie Stewart would much rather forget that she can see into the past lives of those she meets, but when she crosses paths with Declan O’Shea, an attractive yet troubled artist, flashes of 18th-century Britain begin to plague her mind and push Ellie to uncover the mystical connection that she and Declan share…  Read More

The Blog...

Ever Gentle

The other day I was working at my laptop while my daughter (10) and my boyfriend’s daughter (8) were leafing through old photo albums beside me. They came upon a picture of me from University and my daughter instantly exclaimed “Mom, you were so... read more

Our Favourite Day

I can hear my daughter in the corner, she’s on the phone with someone. Jack, maybe? No, Jack’s here. I can hear him in the other room. There’s food in front of me. The kitchen is clean. Who did that? My neighbour, I think. I saw her a few minutes ago... read more

These Spirits I Live With

I’ve got a way with riding out these full moons, these sand dunes The ebb and flow, the push and pull, the ups and downs of life. I ride it too close, cling too hard. I buy in; I feel the guilt. I take it all to heart. Let’s start over. The voices and the... read more

The Services...

Work with Danielle

Danielle offers Forgiveness Coaching, Mentoring with A Course in Miracles, Writing Coaching and Intuitive Readings.

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